Thursday, March 31, 2011

Easter madness

It's that time of year again and the emails have been running hot with

tips on where to find certain Easter Eggs and how many are left on the shelves.

In fact, exactly the same scenario as every other year. I pity anyone who does not belong to an allergy network at this time of the year as otherwise you would end up eggless.

Last year, after doing several reconnaissance missions to K-Mart to see if they had yet stocked the elusive Kinnerton chocolate Easter egg, a group of us hit the jackpot. These chocs had just been stacked on the shelves.

After buying our booty, we let our network know and within a couple of hours there was not a single Kinnerton choc egg left.

(I have to add here that each of us was very responsible and only bought one per family.)

We were all very happy - especially when we discovered Heritage chocolates that made peanut and nut-free eggs.

A couple of days before Easter I hit the same aisles to get eggs for the rest of the family and overheard a mother talking to her daughters. She was looking for peanut/nut-free eggs and they were all gone. I felt so sorry for her, and made me appreciate my network all the more.

This year, our network has been keeping a steady stocktake - letting us know that there were three eggs left at one Warehouse store, or two at K-mart way out somewhere. It would be quite entertaining if there wasn't the stress of getting that egg!

People have asked why Allergy New Zealand doesn't import Kinnerton chocolate and it is not for want of trying. We contacted them last year (after Easter) and we would have to order it by the refrigerated container load, and one container contains a lot of chocolate. A bit too much for a very small organisation to handle.

Now we have more drama on the Easter egg front with Lindt recalling 11 of their products because some of them have been filled with peanut butter and not labelled as such. Hopefully no one here with a peanut allergy has had one of these.

Does this mean there will be an Easter egg shortage all round, and will there be a backlash again those with peanut allergy if there is?

What lengths have you gone to to get Easter Eggs for your kids - or for yourself? And do you have any alternatives?

Inga St├╝nzner
Allergy New Zealand


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  2. I used to get caught up in the 'looking for safe chocolate for Easter' flurry, but after a couple of years of going through this stress I decided to stop. It was bordering on ridiculous - driving halfway across the city to get the last Kinnerton egg, adrenaline pumping all the while.
    Now, I make chocolate and use an egg mould, but I also get the kids to focus on what Easter is really about. It is a religious holiday and even though our family is not that religious, I feel it is important to focus on Jesus' crucifixion and resurrection rather than finding chocolate eggs.
    It has taken away a lot of the stress, and Easter is also a lot more meaningful for us.


  3. We tend to have kinder eggs as we are never quick enough to find the kinnerton ones but focus more on the family being together for a 'holiday' than the consumption of chocolate.

  4. Arrr yes. The Kinnerton race!

    I was very sad to see the progressive supermarket chain a few years back discontinue stocking the Kinnerton Luxury Bar. I used to melt it down and put it in molds depending on the season. We much prefer it to Sweet William chocolate.

    This year I have been posting on all allergy/eczema sites that I belong too about my find of Kinnerton eggs at the Wearhouse, Lyall Bay, Wellington.
    I was in raptures to discover they stock the Adult and the Tigger eggs and have been happy to see the shelves being re-stocked frequently. I was so excited that when I arrived home with my loot I bailed up my neighbour at the front gate and made her look at my purchases. I was a bit over excited!!!

    If you live in Wellington and can get to Common Sense Organics you will see Sweet William also do a seasonal range of allergy friendly chocolate and they often have dark chocolate from other sources that may also be suitable for some peoples allergies. Pack and Save in Kilbirnie stock the Sweet William chocolate blocks, both dark and white.

    Hope this helps someone

    Itchy Kids NZ

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