Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Travel to Fiji - a call for help!

We received an email through our website about travelling to Fiji and dealing with a food allergy.

Do you have any suggestions?

"I have booked a holiday in fiji. I assumed a 'five star' resort with many resteraunts would be able to accomodate food allergies. They tell me they cannot accomodate such dietry requirements (egg, dairy and nut free except coconut)and have not yet let me know if they can provide a kitchen for me...

They also advise me that the nearest hospital is three hours away and that helicopters do not operate after sunset.

If anyone has personal experiance with Fiji I would be glad to hear from them. As far as I am concerned we are going (complete with emergency drugs and staple foods). Please can you advise me on five star resourts and their usual abilities?? Where to go from here??
Appreciate your response. Holiday is in July/August 2010".

If you have any suggestions (constructive), please post away.


  1. I am very keen to hear an answer as well-we are planning to travel there as well and are looking for a suitable place that could cater for lifethreatening allergies=caz

  2. Did you go and how was it? I ask because I am heading there soon and want to be aware of what I can and can't eat.

  3. Our family has been twice. We stayed at the Shangri-La both times. Our daughter has life threatening peanut, tree nut and egg allergies. We ate at the one place during our stay. The head chef came and met us when we first arrived and we discussed what food was available for her. If there was nothing suitable, the chefs would make something for her (freshly made pizza a favourite). The allergens are around, but we did not have any issues.