Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Easter egg hunting

Easter (religious aspects aside) is about children having a lovely time, hunting for Easter eggs.

But for parents who have children with food allergies, it's also a hunt, albeit one that begins months before and is often associated with large doses of stress! Searching for a safe chocolate Easter egg can sometimes feel a little like searching for the Holy Grail.

I belong to our Central Auckland support group, and thanks to two of our members, we have been alerted to the fact that K-Mart is stocking Kinnerton Easter eggs.

This information has led to a flurry of activity - I collided with a fellow member at the St Lukes K-Mart as stampeded the aisles in search of this egg, only to leave empty handed and gutted when there was nothing there.

But another super-chocolate-sleuther called up K-Mart, put the hard questions to them and discovered the eggs are being stocked, but only a few at a time. The wonderful member found out the barcode and passed this on to the rest of our group.

Give your local K-Mart a call if you are looking for an egg that is dairy, egg, wheat and nut free (it contains soy lecithin, which the majority of people with soy allergy can tolerate, but check this with your specialist first).

Here is the information: “Egg and Bar Casket”, and the sku/bar code is 5010775166646. They are $16.50 each.

If K-Mart sees the demand for Kinnerton chocolate, hopefully they will stock it all the time.

Happy Easter Egg hunting — and hopefully your kids will enjoy it too when it's their turn.

If you know of any other chocolate and where to get it, post away!

Inga St├╝nzner
Information Officer
Allergy New Zealand


  1. After K-Mart sold out a couple of weeks ago, they are stocking more Kinnerton Easter Eggs (milk, egg, nut free ones). I also saw they are doing a nut-free range by Heritage.


  2. I went Easter Egg hunting last night at K-Mart and discovered that Kinder Surprise are doing a huge range of bunnies and eggs. These do contain dairy, but are great if you are avoiding peanuts and nuts.
    Just be aware that they do have a hazelnut range, so you don't want to go buying the wrong ones.
    They are well labelled.
    And lots and lots of Heritage choc.
    Someone emailed me that Lindt choc available - I have had a look at these and they have a 'may contain traces of hazelnuts'. So very specific.

  3. Well I chased the bunny all over Waipuna but it escaped me! Maybe I'll try again tomorrow...there is time yet...last I saw it was wearing a red top of some kind...